Private Dog Trainer Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

Wayne Bellingham and Grace McDonald, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)
Members: Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT)
Over 40 Years Experience

Teaching Applied Behaviour Modification
Dog Training Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

Wayne Bellingham and Grace McDonald, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)
Members: Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT)
Over 40 Years Experience

Teaching Applied Behaviour Modification
Dog Training Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

Behaviour Problem Counseling
for Chewing, Barking, Biting, Housesoiling, etc.

Does Your Dog

Jump On Visitors
Jump On Visitors?

Chew Household Items
Chew Household Items?

Dig Holes In Your Yard
Dig Holes In Your Yard?

Steal Food From The Table
Steal Food From The Table?

More Unwanted Behaviours

Dog Owners' Guidance Service was conceived in 1978 to apply the science of behaviour
modification to solving problem canine behaviour and to integrate behaviour modification
into pet training and competition training [MOTIVATION TRAINING].

D.O.G.S. has helped countless frustrated dog owners (click to see reference letters) to alter their
pet's unacceptable behaviour, which might otherwise have led to a one way trip to the veterinarian
or animal shelter. D.O.G.S. offers a variety of training services to suit each dog owner's needs:

Private Obedience Instruction in MOTIVATION TRAINING provides instruction with 4 differences.
  1. Students are instructed in Behaviour Modification theory,
  2. Emphasis is placed on the application of obedience control to everyday living with your dog,
  3. Food is used to shape all responses first to enable the dog to succeed by avoiding the collar snap,
  4. Food is used to relax the dog and maintain emotional balance between fear of a collar snap and relaxation, which is generated by having the primary hunger drive satisfied.

This balanced approach to training provides the pet owner with a relaxed dog.


Dog Owners' Guidance Service (D.O.G.S.) offers the following services:

In Home Obedience Instruction which has become a very popular option because it:
  1. Saves the time of travelling to and from a school,
  2. Provides instruction on how to train within the environment the behaviour is required,
  3. Allows the dog to learn the new behaviours without the distraction of numerous other dogs found in a group class,
  4. Allows for participation of the whole family without the necessity for all family members to commit the time necessary to attend a school,
  5. Provides flexibility for those who require day time lessons, or work shifts and need different lessons times each week,
  6. Is convenient for those without transportation, the disabled, and the elderly,
  7. Is more enjoyable for the dogs that get car sick or are nervous.
  8. Provides a better learning opportunity for those who can benefit more from individual attention.
  9. Allows food training with dogs that are too stressed to take food in a new environment full of strange people and dogs.

Individual Obedience Instruction, allows for flexible scheduling for dog owners whose work schedule does not allow them to attend regular group classes, who prefer individual attention, or for those whose dogs are aggressive towards strange dogs or people and are more easily trained in a quite, non-threatening environment.

Private Counselling deals with individual problems such as housesoiling, chewing, digging, food stealing and aggression. It allows for the in depth evaluation of the behaviour problem and its causes. The owner is given the individual attention necessary to understand training techniques.

Assistance Dog Placement for those physically challenged, are bred and trained by D.O.G.S. with orientation to their new owner and new home provided as part of the service.

Temperament Evaluation is provided to breeders and to the puppy buyers looking for a dog suited to their lifestyle.

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Wayne, Grace, with Some of Their Dogs.

Wayne Bellingham and Grace McDonald are both Professional Dog Trainers who have been active dog trainers for 40+ years. They have earned innumerable obedience degrees and awards from both the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs. They have both been involved in television productions regarding dogs and obedience training. Wayne has trained dogs for commercials, movies, and stage plays. Wayne has been called on by the courts to act as an expert witness on several occasions. Grace is an approved C.K.C. obedience judge. Both coached numerous scent hurdle teams to championships and have earned Schutzhund degrees.

While serving as instructors, directors of training, and on the executives of several dog clubs, they have taught thousands of people basic household and advanced competition obedience. Wayne has personally trained hundreds of dogs of various breeds in his kennel operation for household and competition obedience and protection work. An interest in understanding the scientific basis of dog training led to the study of behaviour modification and its applications.

Down-Stay In A Field
Bull, Odin, Sandy, Sam, Dexter, DeJa, and Pip doing a long down in our yard in 1987, before our new group school had a building. Odin, Sandy, Sam, Dexter, DeJa, and Pip all got their obedience trial championships. In 10 years, 22 dogs got their O.T.Ch. with D.O.G.S. group competition school, which was closed December of 1996 in favour of the exclusive one-on-one tutorial approach to household obedience training.

Bull didn't get his O.T. Ch. because he is a Pit Bull and not registered so couldn't compete in C.K.C. events.  He was the champion of Wayne's heart for a long, long time.

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