April, 2000

Our thoughts about our dog lessons:

Before we started our lessons, we were all very frustrated with Luke's behaviour. Our family all loved him dearly, but we were at the point of not wanting him around. We knew we bad to do something if he was to remain a part of our family.

After we had our first lesson and did our homework that week, we noticed a difference in Luke. He seemed more attentive to us and to what we told him to do. As the lessons continued, we saw him become more settled and not so hyper. We are sure he is now understanding who is top dog in our house because of these lessons. He is no longer the leader of this pack.

Without these valuable lessons, we are not sure how much longer we would have had him in our home. We know we still have to keep on working with him, but will continue because of the improvement we have seen in his behaviour.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. We will certainly recommend you to any friends that are looking for a dog trainer.


The Muir family
Luke too!

March 11, 2000
Dear Grace:

We adopted Lucy from the Humane society when she was a pup. She quickly became part of the family and learned a number of things very quickly. In addition to the usual things such as tricks and the like, we also inadvertently taught her how to manipulate us. When she didn't want to stay in her kennel, we gave in. When she jumped up on our bed or furniture, we thought it was cute. We had taken basic puppy and obedience classes and she had done well, but she would not walk properly on a leash, so we got a longer leash. As she got older, her cute, puppy barking at arriving guests became more intimidating for her and our guests. Now at four years old, she felt the need to "protect" us from all "intruders", including our guests, other dogs on the street, or the jogger running by us in the park. We could no longer have her at home when we entertained, and a delivery at the door became a traumatic experience for all involved. And while she was still wonderful with family members, it was finally apparent to us that we had lost control of our pet

Our veterinarian had suggested Grace, and after visiting her web site and speaking with her, we decided to give her approach a try.

Grace helped us to understand the reasons our dog Lucy had acted the way she did, and how we had to address the problems specific to her. During that first visit, Grace was able to evaluate our needs and set us on the path to training Lucy. The change in Lucy was quick and dramatic, and only improved each week through the training.

It's now 5 weeks later, and Lucy is happy and well adjusted, now that she knows that we are the boss. She no longer barks incessantly at guests, a sit/stay or a wait means just that, and a walk around the neighbourhood is a joy, with no fear of dogs, joggers or other distractions having any opportunity to ruin it. Her kennel has become her retreat, and she voluntary makes use of it throughout the day.

Friends and neighbours can't believe that this is the same dog! Thank you Grace, we couldn't have done it without you!

Tammy, Peter, and Lucy

August 3, 2000

Dear Grace:

I have owned a few Siberian Huskies for some 20 years or more and have always loved the animal, but realized that they weren't the smartest of breeds. My first one used to claw me to death while at our obedience lessons - while the trainer, standing in the middle of the ring, along with some ten other dogs, walking around a circle told me to control my dog! Well, many a night I went home crying that my dog was untrainable, uncontrollable, and just plain dumb.

Although my last dog was precious to us - he too was not too bright as far as training went. I diligently went to all the obedience lessons, knowing full well that when I tried what the instructor told me to do at home my dog would look at me and you could see him thinking "Yeah, right!

Our last dog passed away a year ago July and our house was just too empty without a dog. As a result we got a new addition - Sabre. Now, he's a white Siberian with blue eyes - very picturesque - but there again not to bright! I tried once again with lessons - walking around a circle - stopping at every dog that was in the room - sniffing - barking - pulling (totally useless). It wasn't until my daughter was searching the net, not too long after Sabre ate my sofa, that she found Grace's web site and started reading all the letters about pleased people with their new attitude dogs. I felt that it was worth a try - apart from getting rid of the dog - and soon realized that after the second lesson that it was me that wasn't training the dog properly - not the dog. I couldn't believe it when we went outside and my dog actually followed behind me - on a leash of course - as some Siberians are smart - but not Einsteins. He listened to me and you could actually see him thinking about what command he was given. This dog has totally changed from your guidance Grace and I am most grateful to you for that.

Whenever we have company they comment on how much Sabre has changed - he's like a different dog. He actually listens - sometimes - when you tell him something - and if that doesn't work the trusty Pringles can does the trick. I would highly recommend you to anyone that has an uncontrollable dog - or just needs some extra help. Once again thank you - and by the way Sabre would like to thank you for allowing him to remain in our house.

Marilyn Mowat

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