July 2,2000

Dear Wayne

      Ginger is only our fourth dog in over forty years of continuous dog ownership and, while we have loved her from the start, she has caused us far greater concern than all her predecessors combined.  We have tried obedience training courses with former dogs, but for different reasons, none of them really helped us, and eventually we did better on our own.

      It was a relief to be referred to you.  At first we were apprehensive about the "rewards" and about the pinch collars and associated "aversive" measures, but we could see immediately that Ginger liked and trusted you and responded well to your methods.  Your personal attention to Ginger and to us made the instruction more efficient and rewarding than any class instruction could have been.

      It is harder to teach old owners new tricks than it is to teach a bumptious young dog but, you have made it clear that training is an ongoing process. Already, we have confidence that Ginger will be under our control, and that we shall enjoy her more and more with less and less anxiety.

      Thanks for your wisdom, you patience, and your real help.

                                          Margaret and Walter S.


Dear Wayne:

      Just wanted you to know how much we have appreciated all that you have taught us in training our puppy.

      Your wisdom, knowledge, and insight have made our lives so much happier and easier.  The principles that we learned were very informative, practical, and helpful in our quest to train up a well behaved puppy.

      Before we came to you, we were very frustrated in trying to housebreak our puppy that we had been trying to housebreak for 6 to 8 weeks.  Just when we thought we were "getting it" - a break thru, then she would have an accident on the rug - in the living room, as always.

      We found it much easier and extremely helpful to watch as you showed us the "how to's" approach in some of the steps in our training lessons.

      There is definite progress in Keesha's developmental training but we know that there is still "a ways to go"! But, thru constant, and consistent training, we know that she will continue to grow developmentally.

      Thank you for your time and patience, you have been a wonderful example and mentor.

                                                Robert, Diane, & Tim Welby


Feb. 5/2000

      We both really enjoyed these lessons.  The best part is the one on one training.  We were shown things that we believe we would not have learned in a "class obedience atmosphere".  The handouts are very informative. We were never rushed and were always shown thoroughly what we had to practise on.  This was money well spent. Our goals were met in that we now understand how we are to be in charge of our dog and to be in control and have fun doing it.

                                                Leo and Ivanka Carriere



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