April 29th, 2018

Hi Grace,                                                                         January 3, 2011

April, Mike and Olive here...

          We now live in Toronto, and frankly couldn't have made the move back to the big city if it weren't for your help in training us all last year. Here's a recent picture of our girl (kind of weird photo - she is all serious about wearing Mike's tie!).

          Where we once worried about Olive's excitability and our control (or lack of!) in certain situations, your education gave us all so much more confidence. This is long overdue, but we wanted to take a moment to thank you and provide some back story for anyone who is thinking about working with you:

          We got Olive from the Humane Society in November 2008. She was a year old...big and black and seemingly sweet. We were told she needed socialization, but frankly underestimated the term and thought regular walking would take care of any nervousness she had. Since our yard was unfenced, we walked her at least 3 times a day - at least half-hour per walk. The trouble was that when she saw another dog on the street, she would get overexcited...barking, jumping, pulling at the leash. It didn't seem playful...her reaction was fearful and aggressive...and she was the same with most people. We never thought of her as a biter (and she wasn't/isn't, thank goodness), but she would certainly look the part and scared people (and their dogs) from getting to know her. Hackles from head to tail, barking, lunging, snapping...yikes!

          It was the same if anyone came to the house...and even once someone was in and had met her, she was uncomfortable the second the atmosphere changed. She'd bark and jump at guests if they got up from a chair or walked from one room to another. She wrecked the floors around the windows...her nails ripping at the hardwood as she jumped and barked at every person, dog, bike that went by the house.

          We were disheartened at our utter ineffectiveness in curbing the behaviour and after a year of reading books, watching dog shows on TV, taking obedience classes, doing the doggy day-care thing, things were actually getting worse. Something we were doing wrong wasn't addressed in a group class or resolved by reading...we did everything from ignoring, to calm assertiveness, to losing our tempers and yelling...nothing was working.

          I called Grace reluctantly - a friend had refered her, but cautioned me that some discipline was involved in the training. I AM SO GLAD I PHONED. Grace was blunt, honest, fair and forthright...she gave me a half-hour of her time on the phone and I could tell her investment was to make sure that as an owner, I understood how she worked. She respected dogs and their behaviour and believed that owners needed to be educated to do the same. In a way, she was interviewing me as much as the other way around...she wanted to be sure we were realistic in our expectations and she probably didn't want to waste her time with someone who wasn't willing to listen and learn. I knew I was in for an education when I told her Olive was "stubborn"...Grace was quick to correct me by saying that stubborness was a human trait and dog's aren't by nature trying to challenge us...they are just being dogs!

          When we discussed the discipline part, she explained that children can be told "no" a million times when they reach for the stove, but until they burn themselves they won't understand the consequences of ignoring "no". Grace's training was very treat/praise-based (our dog LOVES HER MAT...)...rewarding positive behaviour. But in order to understand that obedience commands need to be followed, there has to be some consequence if they aren't.

          I could go on for days with explanation, but to sum things up...we first saw Grace in our home in late October 2009...and by Christmas the same year, we were able to have the whole family (16 people, kids running around and everything) over for the holidays.

          Today Olive still has her moments (and we, ours!), but on the whole, she has gone from a wild-eyed beast at the door to a big goof that still barks a good greeting, but rolls over to show her belly at the same time!

          Thanks Grace. Hope this note finds you and yours all doing well for the new year.

April, Mike, Olive Andreosso (and Lopez, the distracting cat)


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Dear Grace,

We will be forever grateful for your help with Hannah. We found the lessons to be a good length with a good amount of content. We thought that the lessons were spaced apart in a timeline that worked well for the amount of learning involved. We liked the fact that you came to our house to assist with the training. Initially it was very tough for us and for Hannah with all the new changes so we were glad of ,Your support via email that encouraged us to persist through the early difficult stages.  We have seen major positive changes in Hannah's behaviour and we are so glad to have a calmer and happier dog. Instead of dealing with embarrassing tantrums on walks we now receive compliments on how well-behaved Hannah is.   When we first contacted you' we were sceptical about whether Hannah really needed to be in a crate and whether she needed the entire program of 5 week classes but now that we've been through the program we can see how everything is connected and we can see how important it was to make all the changes. Our goal was to stop unwanted pulling, growling, barking and general 'rude' behaviour during walks and that goal has definitely been met. Our other goal was to trust that Hannah would never snap or bite at another person during a walk and we also believe that this goal has been met now that we understand why it happened the one time before and how we need to be tough and strong so Hannah doesn't have to be.

Tharik you so much for your help!
Jennifer and Toby Elson

Sat, 13 May 2006

Hi Grace - You asked for an evaluation here it is !

Without any hesitation I would recommend Grace McDonald of D.O.G.S for obedience lessons. In November 2005 a bouncy and exuberant German Shepherd named Bert entered our family's life and has totally endeared himself to us.

Bert's lessons commenced early in December 2005 and scope of these lessons have provided a solid "life Skills " foundation that has laid the framework for future work.

I appreciated the "in-home" lessons for several reasons including that these were flexible times that worked with our family life, provided real time training in Bert's home and permitted us to master the basic concepts before going to different locations to apply these skills with distraction and duration. I am farther ahead in training Bert and Grace's extensive knowledge of dog behavior and temperament has brought me peace of mind and changed my world view perspective concerning Bert's awesome personality.

These lessons have been worth their weight in gold and I have made a dear friend along the way - definitely a "win-win" scenario.

Christine Kaskiw

July 10, 2001

Dear Grace,

All I can say is "WOW"!!! ... and a world of thanks for all your patience and expert instruction.

You see, when I got Winston (a Cocker Spaniel), I didn't realize that Cockers have aggressive tendencies, and never dreamt that this adorable little creature would, or could, become a danger to those around me. By the time he was 5 years old, his biting and snarling had become a serious problem.

When I first spoke with you about Winston's problem, you were so confident that we could successfully modify his behaviour. More than once you said "But YOU have to be committed - the success depends on you". Believe me, I found it very hard. You see, I am not an enforcer, but, being a single parent, I had no choice but to be the disciplinarian with my children. That's why, when it came to my dog, it was very easy for me to allow him all the leniencies I never allowed my children. Not only that, but I had people around me who were more than skeptical that Winston's behaviour could be changed at this point in his life.

But, guess what, we did it!! We still have some things to perfect, but now when my children and friends visit they simply cannot believe that it's the same dog. There has been such a positive change in him - and I know that it will get better and easier as I continue to work with Winston using the principles and techniques you taught throughout our classes.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Doreen Loewen Winnipeg, Manitoba

February 26th, 2001
To whom it may concern:

My name is Buster, and Grace McDonald saved my life!

My family adopted me as a baby from pet shelter. One of the things my new family loved
about me was I was supposed to be a little dog but I kept growing and growing into a
big dog. They weren't used to having a big dog and I started to get into trouble.

I didn't like to sleep alone and my
mom didn't like me in her bed. I liked sleep on the couch and my mom didn't like
that either. I used to try to help her in the kitchen by putting my paws on the
kitchen counter and let me tell you mom didn't like that either. Another thing
my mom didn't like was I went crazy when the door bell rang and I always tried
to race out the door when it was open. I always seemed to be under my mom's
feet on the stairs and basically I just made her mad all the time.

My mom decided enough was enough and she was going to send me to dog heaven.
But fortunately for me, Grace McDonald entered my life! She taught me that a door
bell is no big deal and now I love to sleep in my kennel. I go there on my own
when I want a nap and it's my place to get away from the kids when I want a rest.
I never go on the couch and I always stay in the same room as my mom and I like
that better too. Since Grace came to visit my house, I am a happier dog. My mom
doesn't yell or hit me anymore and we are a happier family.

The things Grace taught me and my mom really did save my life! So, if you are unhappy in
your family, try somehow to get Grace to come to your house.
She just might save your life too.

Thanks again, Grace.

From your student,
Buster Messer
Winnipeg, Mb.

Dear Grace,

        We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your assistance in
training us to train our dog, Summer. We have found the in-home training
much more valuable than a class because our whole family has been involved.
It is much less confusing for the dog when all family members respond to
her consistently. I particularly appreciated the care you took in
explaining to the kids the necessity for aversive training to ensure
Summer's safety in a threatening environment. This saved us from being
accused of being mean to her, and made it much easier to follow through
with consistent consequences.

        We also learned how to use the space in our home to conduct the training.
Previously, I found it difficult to replicate training exercises conducted
in a class environment in the more confined space at home.

        Finally, thanks for balancing the work with play for our puppy. You were
always very considerate of Summer, watching her ears and tail and giving
her a break when she'd had enough.  As well as learning to follow our
commands, she learned some fun games (especially Jump-Jump!).  After the
initial session learning each new command, she really seemed to enjoy the
attention she got during training. It's really pleasant to be able to tell
her what we want her to do (and have her understand what that means)
instead of constantly yelling at her for being "bad".


Mary-Beth & Dave Parrish

Dear Grace,

Thank you for teaching the Keating family and helping us with Cinnamon.
Mommy's "Letter to Grace" is attached as an rtf file, so you should be able to
read it O.K.. Cinnamon is not bitting as much anymore as how she used to.

From Mandy Terumi Keating!

Monday, February 15, 1999

Dear Grace,

Monday, February 15, 1999

Dear Grace,

Today, is the last day of our training classes for Cinnamon. My assignment for this class was
to write down a few thoughts about our sessions together.

I remember how our little puppy was taking charge over our home and biting every one of us when
we called you to assist us. Mandy, our youngest daughter, was eager to love Cinnamon, but was
becoming afraid of her. Cinnamon was  biting her feet, clothing and sometimes her face. Our family
was adjusting to the new addition of a puppy, and seemed to forget any skills we ever
possessed in training a new dog!

As our weekly training began, we were concerned about using some of the methods only to
discover if used properly, one use was all that was really needed. The Alpha Wolf Rollover
is still a little bit like a wrestling match , in which case, I think Cinnamon is still winning. We
were provided with many other training techniques which were never used in our sessions, though
I can almost predict that only a few lessons would be needed to teach Cinnamon.

Today, we all feel like we are more settled with each other, aware of our puppy and knowledgeable
with the skills and information we have been taught. We are very proud of Cinnamon when we
have people around us, when she listens and obeys our commands. There is still lots to work on
to secure Cinnamon's responses, but we have the basic teaching tools to start from.

We are grateful for the informative sessions available inside our home. We were also thankful
to the immediate time scheduling available to begin out lessons. You were always accommodating
and flexible to time changes, and amazingly always on time. Thank you for the well organized
summary of weekly lessons to keep as a constant reminder of skills to practise.

As this training session involved two children, maybe there is one suggestion to consider. Because
Mandy is physically petite, she felt a little bit left out during certain training skills. (eg. Pinch collar,
Alpha Wolf Rollover, Jump jump, Follow) Maybe another training exercise could be introduced each
week for those specific eager children. They would then feel very much a part of the weekly class.

We would very much recommend you to another family searching for a trainor.
We look forward to using our complimentary kennel pass for Cinnamon!

Thank you for  your expertise and keeping peace in our home!


Sarah, Mandy, Terry, Neil Keating
and Cinnamon!

Dona Hicks, Winnipeg, MB
November 23rd, 1997

Dear Grace,

This is to let you know how very much Jim and I
appreciate the training you provided for Freyja,
our Doberman Pinscher, and for us.

Before the training sessions started, Freyja was extremely
hyperactive and out-of-control. Though she is still hyperactive,
the training has modified her behavior to the point that she
accepts the fact that I am "boss". It has increased my
understanding of dog behaviour and put me in control.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Dona Hicks

Ginger, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, is a very sensitive,
intelligent, and independent pup. By starting her on obedience
training with Grace McDonald we were amazed at how quickly
commands were learned. Grace's techniques achieved quick results
which made life more enjoyable for both dog and family. The training
really helped Ginger to see just exactly where she fits in the family
pecking order (at the bottom), and this one fact has helped her to be
happy and obedient. Our only criticism of working with Grace is that
she is so knowledgeable and full of information that we couldn't
possibly absorb it all. Maybe we'll get her started on our kids next.

Wendy and Jonas Dobis

To: Whom It May Concern
From: Heather Mitchell
Subject: Grace McDonald - Training Scottish Terrier
Date: January 28, 1998

For Christmas 1997, I received a 1 1/2 year old Scotty who had
been raised in a pack of 8 other Scotties and lived in a kennel.
She immediately set about attacking (with intent to harm) my 3 cats.
She also insisted on taking my other 3 dogs' toys and attention.
She had no training and no manners at all!! My friend knew of Grace's
abilities and suggested if anyone might make a difference to "Missy's"
behaviour and attitude, she would. I was desperate, but afraid of
having to tolerate her being mean to teach Missy.
(I don't like to even say "no" to an animal!)

Grace went beyond her superb training regime. She easily assessed
my limitations and attitudes, Missy's abilities and the lifestyle
Missy would have in our home. Missy learned and I learned.
Most of all, Grace didn't push either of us beyond our limits. Grace
explained why each thing she did was important.
It was absolutely clear, Grace felt affection for Missy, even
bringing her a get well gift when she had her operation.

In five lessons, Missy learned not to chase cats, various commands
and how to behave with the others in the house, including me.

Grace had a difficult task with both of us. I felt she respected
our needs and accomplished her goals far beyond my greatest
expectation. I would not hesitate to recommend this skilled and
sensitive lady to anyone with a doggie problem!

Heather Mitchell
Dugald, MB

December 31, 1997
Re: Grace McDonald Dog Owners Guidance Service

Over the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with
Ms. McDonald in the training of our six month old puppy, Mowat.

Our dog has learned key behavioural lessons - staying not jumping
on people, walking beautifully on a leash, waiting, etc.
Ms. McDonald has taken care to thoroughly explain all aspects
of the training and fully demonstrates the command, action and
consequence sequence of successfully training a dog. Her work
with the dog owner(s) results in the dog listening not only to
the trainer, but to those in the family who will be involved with
the dog on a daily basis. I have found her to be prompt,
professional, knowledgeable, a keen lover of dogs and ready
to always answer any questions or help with any problems. I highly
recommend her to anyone wishing to develop and train their dog.

Lori Natuik

August, 1997
Mrs. Darlene Moreau & Mr. Michael Moreau
Winnipeg, Manitoba
RE: Reference letter for Grace McDonald

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ms. McDonald was called to help train our 1 year old,
completely uncivilized Lhasa Apso, "Ruffles". His biggest problem
areas were not heeding commands & biting if he was not given
his way. This was a problem as we have two small children.
She really was a last resort. If her lessons weren't effective,
we felt we would have no choice but to destroy our pet.

After 5 lessons, we now have accomplished many things and
also have many things to work on. Thanks to Ms. McDonald's
help, we will be able to work on those things with her very
helpful suggestions.

I would like to list the areas that she was able to bring
positive results in;

    Kennel Training

    Good response to commands such as sit, stay, rollover, come, wait & down

    Reduced aggression with people and our children

    Learned to go up and down stairs

    Taught us as owners how to use punishment and rewards properly, so we can
    continue to train our pet

    Taught us to understand how dogs think and perceive the world around them
    so we can be effective in our pet training

We were very impressed with Ms. McDonald's recognition of our
problem and her abilities to apply techniques to these difficulties.
She was always punctual for lessons and very pleasant and
obviously knowledgeable about dogs. All in all for us, a positive
experience well worth the money.

Thank-you Grace.

Darlene, Michael Moreau & Ruffles

February 8, 1998
To Whomever may read this,
This is a letter of recommendation regarding Grace McDonald,
of The Dog Owners Guidance Service.

When we started Grace's course with our dog Schmoopy, she was,
you might say, fairly unruly. We were concerned for her well being
as she had quite the anti-social tendencies towards other dogs.
Whenever we had her out and around other dogs, you could
pretty much guarantee a fight. This of course was cause for concern,
not only might she get hurt, but the last thing that we wanted was
her tearing apart someone else's dog. Now, being dog owners for
over 20 years, we couldn't understand why our dog, who just loves
all people to death, couldn't walk by another dog without trouble.
Our choices were simple, gain control over
the dog or have her put down.

We had heard of Grace through a friend and decided that we
should get the ball rolling and try to help our dog. When we met
Grace, she immediately explained to us the reasons going through
our dogs head for her behaviour. After the first session we were
given exercises for the dog and us to cover over the following week.
The difference was amazing. We were already gaining control and
had a better understanding of how our dog was thinking. By the
time we had finished the five lessons and each weeks exercises,
our anti-social dog was walking by other dogs and not causing a
scene. We still have some work to do with her before she will be
running in the fields with all the other dogs, but we are confident
that we will be able to control her and this is thanks to Grace.

From the Moffatt household and Schmoopy, we would like to
unequivocally recommend Grace McDonald to anyone that might
be considering dog training. She is the best.


The Moffatts and Schmoopy the dog

January 23rd, l 998

In November 1997 we adopted a dog through the Humane Society.
He had been brought in to the Society by the Pound so, naturally,
his past history was unknown. Skipper is a 2 to 3 year old Spitz X
and right from the start he fit in with our family (My Dad and myself)
and a bond was immediately formed.

It soon became evident though that our Skipper did not take
too kindly to strangers, showing aggressive behaviour - snarling,
snapping and, in two instances, biting. Naturally this was
distressing to us (as well as his victims!) and we could not tolerate
this behaviour. As he was so good and loving with us we did not
want to give up on him and decided he needed some serious training.

We were fortunate enough to select D.O.G.S. in our search through
the Yellow Pages. Training started just before Christmas with Grace
McDonald coming to our home. I was surprised at how easy the
sessions were (the most difficult part was training me). Grace provided
excellent support and insight into how the doggie mind operates.
I don't believe our Skipper is any smarter than other dogs but he
caught on very quickly to the commands and what was required
of him. I'm sure all this was because of the structure of the training
and the calm manner in which it was presented.

In the 5 short weeks of training we have noticed a marked
improvement in Skipper's behaviour. There has been no evidence
of aggressive behaviour with visitors. While he is still "shy" of
strangers, which I understand is inherent in his breed, he is calm
and will lay down quietly and will even accept treats from our
visitors. Walking him is now a joy as he walks along side us
and no longer takes us for a walk!

We are very thankful to you Grace for your expertise and
patience and would not hesitate to recommend your services.

In appreciation .....
Judy, Hank and Skipper

To Dog Owners and their potential students of Grace McDonald:

My name is Leanne Foley and my dog Murphy, an American Cocker Spaniel
was a student of Grace McDonald.

When I made the decision to get a Cocker as a family pet I was fully aware that this
breed had a tendency to be a biter/snapper if not trained and handled properly right
from puppyhood. The risk for biting was not an option, I have a small child. However,
we fell madly in love with a little black puppy who did all the right things to win our
hearts and we took him home.

Immediately I started looking into some puppy classes. Of all the places I called no
one seemed to really focus on specific behaviour needs of the individual dog or certain
breeds. I needed someone who understood dogs and I didn't want to settle for just
anyone based on the knowledge I had of my dogs breed. It was my mother who
recommended Grace. She took her troublesome Black Labrador Retriever to Grace
and was very convinced that she would be able to help me train Murphy. So at 12
weeks old Murphy started his lessons. Grace was very good! She was thorough,
aggressive (in a positive way), extremely knowledgeable, and very focused on the
immediate and long term behavior needs of my dog and once I got a handle on the
proper training procedures Murphy flourished. Grace answered all my questions
with facts and experience, no B.S. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity
to work with her. Murphy is a fabulously smart, extremely loyal and well behaved
dog who is absolutely adored by my daughter and I and we have Grace to thank
for so much of that.

Leanne, Jade and Murphy Foley


Deva and Jordy are 7 and 10 months in this picture. Jordy at 10 months had quite
a few behaviors that just weren't going to be accepted by my parents! Jordy has got to
be the most unusual dog I have ever owned. He has managed to escape from 3 kennels
by popping bolts or simply chewing his way out. His Houdini-like antics have now been
nipped in the bud and he doesn't get into anywhere near as much trouble as he used to.
(Though he still enjoys creating new problems! ) Deva on the other hand is living proof
that old dogs can learn new tricks. She has readily accepted a brace lead and picks up
on training faster than Jordy does.

Grace has shown me the techniques that helped me to understand and train my dogs. I
now believe that each new obstacle can be over come no matter how bad it appears
at first. Both dogs have become much nicer companions and our house is no longer a
permanent war zone. They no longer jump against windows or decide to run crazy in
the park of their own free will. Jordy has come to realize that no, the couch cushion is
not his toy. They have become an eager team that are a delight to go out with. I am
enjoying my pets much more now than I ever have and we have come to a whole
new understanding over just who really is in charge. (Me I think.)

Pam Craig

21 Nov 97
To Whom It May Concern,
Re: Grace McDonald,
Dog Owners' Guidance Service

In September '97, I took a seemingly mad leap into dog ownership by adopting an ill-
treated one-year old male Dalmatian. After a couple of weeks of eaming the nickname
"Psycho Sid", I felt that Shooter and I definately needed some HELP! A co-worker referred
me to Grace. After our first home lesson, I knew that help had definitely arrived.

Grace's approach to dog-training is common sense, firm, and affectionate. She should not
be referred to as a dog trainer ... more like a dog-owner trainer! Grace has helped me
understand Shooter's behavior and his reactions to my behavior. We both look forward
to our daily "homework". I now have a delightfully enthusiastic, obedient "gentleman from
Dalmatia" for a companion. His nickname has been retired in favour of "Mister Silly", and
now friends can enjoy Shooters company as much as I do.

Shooter and I are greatly indebted to Grace for her guidance, patience and understanding.

Sherry Halcrow

11 Nov 1997
Dear Grace

Mavis and I, and most of all Tess, greatly appreciate the help you have given us. We
originally called you to help us deal with Tess' very protective behaviour at our front door
and back fence. While this problem has been addressed, we have also gained much more.
Mavis and I have learned a new way to deal with Tess and a much better understanding
of dogs and their training in general. Although we had quite good success with Tess at
obedience school, I wish we had the benefit of your insights before we started. As I've
said to you a few times, I feel like obedience school was a case of the teachers (owners)
trying to teach the dogs before they themselves had learned how. The dogs must be pretty
smart to learn at all. I now feel that I am well enough trained that I can work with Tess with
confidence. She has a lot more fun with instruction (so do I) now that the emphasis is on
what she should try to do for her reward rather than what she shouldn't do. We are going
to challenge Tess with a lot more work and I'm confident that she will respond happily as
well as successfully.

Thank you so much helping us to realize Tess' potential and to appreciate what a
clever, wonderful dog she is.

Ray, Mavis and Tess

To Whom It May Concern:

We own a highly sensitive, (and stubborn) giant schnauzer. We contacted Grace
McDonald for assistance in training. Upon our first meeting she was very orderly but
patient with our dog. As our training progressed she understood her personality and attitude.

Her training was very straight forward and not technical. She taught us the basics of
understanding our dog without abrasive action. There was no need for harsh words
or tension between dog and owner. A simple understanding of command and obey.
We would recommend her training methods to anyone who has a problem or just
wants the basic commands met. We really appreciated her kindness and understanding
of both dog personality and stubborn attitude (of which is not an easy task).

Respectfully yours,
Dann & Carol Risley

March 18, 1998
Grace McDonald
Dog Owners Guidance Service
Behavior Problem Counselling

Dear Grace:

Thanks for training my puppy for me. You've been a great help with him, if it weren't for
you he'd still be jumping over everyone, eat all our food and be totally out of control!
Now he's the best dog he could be.

Thanks a bunch Nikki Bruyere

Thanks for everything Grace! You did a great job training Romeo, and us. I enjoy playing
with and training the dog now that I know how. I think the dog is happier too because
we know how to communicate with him. I especially appreciated your patience.
Getting D.O.G.S. was the best investment we made for our pet.

Florence Bruyere

To Whom it may concern,

We enrolled our Jack Russel Terrier puppy in an in-house dog training program through
D.og O.wners G.uidance S.ervice. Our trainer was Grace McDonald, and she taught us
how to get our puppy ,'Rosco' under control.

Rosco displayed behaviour problems of biting, chewing, and housesoiling. Being of the
Terrier breed, he was also very stubborn and didn't want to listen to us. After five (5)
classes with Grace, Rosco showed a noticable improvement
in the behavior problems noted above.

We also feel the in-home classes were very good because it personalized our classes
and deft with our problems right in our environment.
We would recommend D.ogs O.wners G.uidance S.ervice.

Thank you Grace!
Kelly Balak & Eleanor Chuckry

To whom it may concern

We have enlisted Dog Owner Guidance Service (DOGS) to assist us in training our dog,
Tina. DOGS provided us with an in-home training program. Ms Grace McDonald from
the DOGS has impressed us with her profound understanding of the behaviour of dogs.
She has demonstrated superb skills in dog training. More important, Grace has shown
us to see what is in the best interests of Tina by training her to avoid undue risks. Our
pet has undergone profound changes after 5 weeks of training, Tina is able to relate
with the entire family much better. We are very happy with our decision to obtain the
service of DOGS. I recommend that anyone who is thinking of hiring a dog trainer
should give serious consideration to DOGS's service.

Lawrence Cheung
July 6, 1998

March 19th, 1998
Grace McDonald

Hi Grace:

Thank-you for helping to tame our lovely but ever enthusiastic Tanner. Since we have
completed our home obedience classes we have noticed a real improvement in Tanner.
Things like walking him and introducing him to people have suddenly become bearable.
We really appreciate your expertise and the friendly manner in which you teacb them.
It is obvious you have put alot of time and effort into your craft.
Any dog owner will surely benefit from your training.

Jarret and Dena Hannah

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