Wimberway Kennels & Farm
Pirate Reg'd
Gorsebrook Labradors
Skeldale House Labradors
Piccaninnies Labrador Retrievers
Rholayo Kennels Reg'd
Duckndogs Labradors Reg'd
Snowyriver Labrador Retrievers
Lindenhall Kennels
Rickway Kennels
Rosefield Kennels Reg'd
Gaff Labrador Retrievers Reg'd
Rucon Perm Reg'd Labrador Retrievers
Maktawae Labrador Retrievers Reg'd
Tormentil Labradors
Balcroft and Silona Reg'd
Rosecrest Kennels
Chablais Kennel Perm Reg'd (English)
Chablais Kennel Perm Reg'd (French)
Birchview Labradors Reg'd
Greenhill Labradors
Redbae Labrador Retrievers Reg'd
Beautawn Labradors


Labrador Retriever Club of Canada *
The Canadian Kennel Club *
LRC (American)
Eastern Ontario Labrador Breeders Assoc.
Labrador Owners' Club
The American Kennel Club
Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers *

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Equipment or Supplies:

R.C. Steel
Canvasback Pet Supplies
J and J Dog Supplies


The Labrador Quarterly *
Dogs in Canada (CKC) *
Kennel Gazette (AKC)
Direct Book Service
Sunshine Books
Julie Brown's Directory To Labrador Retriever Pedigrees

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