Chance with his trophies

"Chance", O.T.Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Dynamic Duke Am. C.D.X.
in 1976 when he was the top Lab in Obed. in Canada and when
he finished his C.D., C.D.X., and U.D. in under six months a
feat repeated in 1996 by his great-great granddaughter,
O.T.Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Daughter of DeeVa, W.C.

Sky and her trophies

"O.T. Ch. Nikah's Colour the Sky Red", 1980 - 1996
top Labrador Retriever in Obedience in Canada in 1986.
Sky was Chance's daughter and DeeVa's grandmother and like
Chance before her will always be greatly missed!

DeeVa Getting Black & White Ribbon

"DeeVa", O.T. Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Divine Designate, W.C.X.
being awarded the covetted black and white, High in Trial Rosette
offered by CKC to celebrate their 100th Anniversary in 1988
by respected obedience judge and friend, Betty McHugh.


T.F. with her High in Trial Rosettes, won in Saskatoon in 1996