Redsky Kennels Reg'd

A Redsky Dam and her litter, December, 1997

(Photo by Faye - McMaster Photographers - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Parents of the December, 1997 litter

(Photos by Faye - McMaster Photographers - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Redsky's DeeVa's Debutant (1990 - 2000),
a DeeVa Daughter,

& Ch. Redsky's Damon of the Decade (1990 - 2004),
a DeeVa Grandson.

Generations 1, 2, and 3

Sitting, Left to Right;
O.T.Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Dandy Little "Honey", W.C. (1970 - 1985)
Amber was her Mum and Hugh Crozier's Import Ch. Halsinger's Bartonley Rubens "Sam"

was her Dad. Her W.C. pre dated the CKC one, our local Golden Club ran them earlier.
O.T. Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Dynamic Duke Am. CDX "Chance" (1972 - 1987
Top Lab in Canada in Obedience in 1976.
Honey was his Mum and his Dad was a Shamus son.
Redsky's Dufferin Dutchess "DeeDee" (1974 - 1978)
was the product to taking Chance back to his Mother Honey.
She died with 9 pts due to complications with her first litter.
Lying Down - "Amber" Lady of Murdoch Bay, CDX, HIT, (1965 - 1981)
My foundation bitch, the product of breeding Hugh Crozier's import
Ch. Castlemore Shamus to a daughter.

Generation 4 to 7

(Photo by; Ed Prokopchuk Pine Ridge Studio of Photography)

Chance's Daughter,
O.T. Ch. Nikah's Colour the Sky Red, H.I.T. "Sky" (1980 - 1996)
Top Lab in Canada in Obedience in 1986.
Sky's daughter, Redsky's Dam's Duplicate "Samantha" (1982 - 1996)
Samantha's Daughter,
O.T. Ch., Ch. Redsky's Divine Designate, W.C.X., H.I.T. "DeeVa" (1986 - 2002)
DeeVa's daughter,
Ch. Redsky's Dream of Designation "Splatt" (1988 - 2002)
Mother of Ch. Redsky's Damon of the Decade

A Family Shot

A Family ShotGrandson to Grandmother breeding

Ch. Redsky's Damon of the Decade
O.T.Ch., Ch. Redsky's Divine Designate W.C.X.
to produce

T.F. - The Future -
O.T.Ch., Ch. Redsky's Daughter of DeeVa, W.C.

[see TF's pedigree]

---- Damon is generation #8----

(Photo by ~ Kish Modha Photographer, Sooters ~ Henderson Highway)



Ch. Redsky's Daylite of Briarview" (as a puppy)

[see pedigree]

---Cagney is generation #9---

Redboy & Devon


Briarview's Diplomate of Redsky (sitting) - Redboy {son of Cagney}

& Devon

[see Redboy's pedigree]

--- Redboy is generation #10 ---

Damon & RubyRuby

Damon and Redsky's Devon's Daughter - Ruby -
the parents of the two puppies in the next picture

[see Ruby's pedigree] Ruby was sired by Redboy.

----Ruby is generation #11----


A Redsky Puppy Person with Fat Albert and Marley - January 1998 Fat Albert became Redsky's Deceptive Duke, "Ben" and is in training as a Hearing Ear Dog.

[see pedigree].

----Ben is generation #12----

REDSKY'S October 2002 Litter



Redsky's Distant Dreamer


Ch. Loonbay's Like a Rock

Desi Collage


Redsky's Distant Destiny "Desi" W.C.I., JH

REDSKY'S February 2003 Litter

A new 10th Generation litter, the "Decade Litter"



"Redsky's DeeVa's Debutant Daughter"
with Decade Duke, Delight and Drake

Tikka and Angel





"Ch. Redsky's Decade Delight "Angel" with her mother "Tikka"

REDSKY'S January 1st, 2006 Litter

Maximus & Angel
With Litter

angelndaughters.jpg (146847 bytes) maxnsons.jpg (152976 bytes)
Hannah, Lucy, Lily, and Sunny
Mom [Angel] lying down
Fearless, Bennie, Thunder, and Fletcher
Dad [Maximus] lying down

REDSKY'S 2009 Litter

2009b.jpg (203879 bytes)

2009c.jpg (205338 bytes)

T.J. (Tikka's Joy) T.J. and her Mom, Angel

2009d.jpg (186733 bytes)

2009e.jpg (208979 bytes)

3 Generations of Ladies;
Tikka [Angel's Mom], T.J., and  Angel [T.J.'s Mom]
C.J. (Chance Junior), [T.J.'s Dad], T.J. and Angel [T.J.'s Mom]


Chance and his Son and Grandson



O.T.Ch. & Ch Redsky's Dynamic Duke Am CDX "Chance"

and his Son and Grandson




O.T.Ch., Ch. Redsky's Divine Designate WCX "DeeVa" (1986 - 2002)

earning her WCX in Irricana, Alta.


"Desi" Ch. Redsky's Distant Destiny W.C.I., J.H.

and her son

"C.J." Redsky's Destiny's Dynamic Duke W.C.I., J.H.

with Grace getting their Junior Hunt Certificates in 2009

DesiandCJJrHunter.jpg (121084 bytes)





A Redsky Puppy's First Retrieve


Chance with his trophies



"Chance", O.T.Ch., Ch. Redsky's Dynamic Duke Am. C.D.X. in 1976 when he was the top Lab in Obed. in Canada and when he finished his C.D., C.D.X., and U.D. in under six months a feat repeated in 1996 by his great-great granddaughter, O.T.Ch. and Ch. Redsky's Daughter of DeeVa, W.C.

Sky and her trophies





"O.T.Ch. Nikah's Colour the Sky Red", 1980 - 1996 top Labrador Retriever in Obedience in Canada in 1986. Sky was Chance's daughter and DeeVa's grandmother and like Chance before her will always be greatly missed!

DeeVa Getting Black & White Ribbon



"DeeVa", O.T. Ch., Ch. Redsky's Divine Designate, W.C.X.

being awarded the covetted black and white, High in Trial Rosette offered by CKC to celebrate their 100th Anniversary in 1988 by respected obedience judge and friend, Betty McHugh.



"T.F" O.T.Ch., Ch. Redsky's Daughter of DeeVa W.C.

with her High in Trial Rosettes, won in Saskatoon in 1996. She earned her C.D., C.D.X., and U.D. in under six months, just like her great-great grandfather did.  We are also proud of the fact that, to our knowledge, T.F. is the only dog to get a U.D. degree with using an auditory stimulus only on the directed jump exercise.  I gave her no visual signal to the correct jump, simply said, bar or high.

demon cd demon hit

O.T.Ch. Redsky's DeJaVu Demon U.D.

Sandy Utility Photo
O.T.Ch. Redsky's Daffodil Delight U.D.

baby lexi lexi
Redsky's Desireable Daughter C.D.





Jake, a Redsky Lab, learning to press the little red button to open the door. He puts things in the garbage can, opens and closes doors and drawers, picks up anything that falls from the chair or anything he is asked to bring and delivers things up high by putting his feet in a lap pillow.

Joe and Ricky Louise and Ricky


Amber - 'Of Mice and Men'



"Amber Lady of Murdoch Bay, C.D.X."

my foundation bitch 1965 - 1981 in a Manitoba Theatre Centre production of "OF MICE AND MEN" directed by Len Cariou.

Sky as 'Sandy'




"O.T.Ch. Nikah's Colour the Sky Red",

Sky at 14, playing Sandy in a production of "Annie"


Duke Show Photo[see pedigree]



Ch. RedSky's DeeVa's Duke

winning winners male under Jane Borders at an L.R.C.M. Specialty.

angel show photo Ch Redsky's Decade Delight "Angel" W.C.
desi ch photo Ch Redsky's Distant Destiny "Desi" W.C.I., JH

I don't have many show pictures on my
website because I basically disagree with the concept of breeding based
on show wins since the four most important things about a dog are not
evident to a show judge:

  1. his temperament (a lot of shyness and aggression are masked
    by food focus, excellent handling, and training),
  2. his retrieve drive, and either his
  3. phenotype or
  4. genotype for genetic disorders such as hip and elbow dysplasia,
    eye problems such as P.R.A. and R.D, heart problems like Tricuspid
    Valvular Dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, cruciate ligament weakness.

Only when temperament testing, obedience degrees, field degrees,
and genetic clearances are required before the awarding of championship
points and the practice of awarding championship points to puppies
is terminated is there some hope of show wins having some relevance
to the quality of the dog. I show my dogs only to finish their championships
since it is the only quality control system available to us relative to the
conformation of our dogs. If there was anything else available,
i.e. breed wardens, as they have in Germany, I think it would be
preferable to showing dogs.

My 1988 DREAM Litter!!

DeeVa's 1st litter when she was bred back to her grandfather,
Ch. Shadowvale's Just Reward, an Adjoco Justice son.
Ch. Redsky's Dream of Designation "Splatt", (Damon's Mum), her sister,
Redsky's Dream of Divinity "Tasha" and brother Redsky's Dream of Diligence
"Sandy" all produced wonderfully for me.
This picture has been my business card since 1988.

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