July 17, 2000

Ms. Grace McDonald
Dog Owners' Guidance Service

Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for teaching us how to train Snoopy.  We are so glad that we found you in the yellow pages.  We were heartbroken, but decided to give Snoopy up to the Humane Society because of his aggressive behaviour.  We tried to phone the Humane Society, but were not able to get through.  That was the time when we looked in the yellow pages for help and called you.

    Snoopy has bitten four of us on separate occasions several times for different reasons, growled, barked and attempted to attack our guests, the pizza delivery man, or who ever knocked at the door.  He would jump into our bed anytime he wanted.  He was severely undisciplined.

    We became scared of him and feared what he might do to our guests when they came over to our place.

    Snoopy is a changed dog now.  He is now a lot more disciplined and better mannered.  He no longer growls or barks at or attacks our guests.  He is now more fun to play with, and quite enjoyable to walk with and most important, others and we are safe around him.

     Again, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for giving us your expert guidance in training Snoopy.

Very truly yours,
Lito, Linda, Harold and Phil Ramos

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